uprep dance department


The University Preparatory School Dance Team is an elite group of dancers chosen by audition to promote school spirit, provide entertainment at various campus and community events, and to represent our school at dance competitions. The mission of this team is to provide dancers with a successful and meaningful educational dance experience. Team members will have personal goals of high academic achievement, improving their dance skills and abilities, learning effective time management, gaining leadership qualities, and developing life-long social skills of team members.  A successful team is formed through a commitment from the dancers, parental involvement, and support from experienced dance professionals. The dancers will exhibit good sportsmanship as well as positive attitudes toward dance teachers, U-Prep faculty and staff, fellow team members, competitors, schoolmates, volunteers, and parents.  Members of this team recognize that their actions are scrutinized more closely than those of students not associated with such an activity. Members understand and accept that being a part of this group is both a privilege and a responsibility.


Competitions and Conventions for the 2013-2014 Season:

NUVO - Santa Clara - February 13th - 15th

Spotlight Dance Cup - Reno - March 20th - 22nd

JUMP - Santa Clara - April 24th - 26th

Rainbow Dance - Sacramento - May 1st - 3rd